Jeff Scroggins & Colorado at the Otter Opry March 29th!

Fresh off the release of their successful album “Over the Line”, this festival favorite is coming to Monterey for an intimate appearance with the Otter Opry. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to see this world-class bluegrass band in an intimate indoor setting. Jeff Scroggins and Colorado are a multi-generational internationally touring bluegrass band, with musical virtuosity to spare, a high energy exciting sound, and a host of serious awards and nominations to prove it. Jeff Scroggins is a two time national banjo champion. Greg Blake is five-time guitar player of the year for the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music. Tristan Scroggins won a 2017 IBMA Momentum Award for his work on the mandolin. Fiddle player Ellie Hansen has IBMA Momentum Instrumentalist of the Year nominations for 2017 and 2018. Mark Schatz is two time IBMA Bass Player of the Year. The band was nominated as 2018 Emerging Artist for the International Bluegrass Music Association.

“The band is comprised of 5 could-be-frontmen/women, who have each dedicated their lives to the traditions and evolution of bluegrass music. Despite their individual star power, they present a coherent show which at no point focuses too heavily on any one member. Rather, much like your favorite cult classic film, there is more to notice every time you watch this unassuming but undeniable super group.”- Over the Line EPK

Credit: Clyde Clevenger

Get your tickets now! All the money goes to the band. Join us early for some down-home fun, with a public jam from 5pm and a rib dinner that benefits the Monterey United Methodist church starting at 5:30pm.

J.S.& Colorado Concert 3/29

“Jeff Scroggins & Colorado is a band that believes in creating an enjoyable and intriguing musical experience for their audiences that pushes the boundaries of bluegrass music while honoring the traditions and cultural heritage of the music. We blend our distinctive sound with an eclectic range of influences to create a unique show that delights audiences and keeps them guessing. We bring a high energy, high mountain “bluegrass explosion,” to the stage that features world-class banjo playing, incredible bluegrass vocals, a solid energetic rhythm and off-the-cuff stage banter that has pleased audiences all over the world.” – Jeff Scroggins & Colorado Website


“By looking beyond bluegrass standards and the red-back hymnal for material, the band honors all its folk heroes, not just Don Reno, Earl Scruggs, and other clear influences on its banjo-picking namesake.”
– Bobby Moore, No Depression
“Playing for the sea of fans spread out over Planet Bluegrass or at a packed club in Raleigh with people literally sitting at the feet of the band, the sound and the experience is the same. They are … engaged in a high wire act, rolling and tumbling on the tightrope, soloists leaping out into mid air with the invisible and yet powerful support of the rest of the band.”
– Kevin Slick, President of Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
“Their third album is a well-curated exposition on all that is bluegrass. Seriously. The entire checklist of bluegrass to-do’s are covered, in spades.”
– Kaden Hurst & Patrick Connell, Oregon Bluegrass Association, Bluegrass Express
“Whether it be the  perfectly dynamic and pristine right hands of both Jeff and Tristan Scroggins on banjo and mandolin respectively, the sincerity in the left hand and vocals of fiddle player Ellie Hankanson, the unparalleled control of Greg Blake’s voice to go with his solid rhythm guitar, or the Mark Schatziness of Mark Schatz on bass, this band has the chops, the material and the influences to create a new sensitivity for what bluegrass can be.”
– Marty Varner, California Bluegrass Association, Bluegrass Breakdown ​
“Jeff Scroggins may not be a household name, but he should be.”
“4 and 1/2 Stars (out of 5)….[Ramblin’ Feels Good] goes into my “best” pile. There’s not a throwaway track on it — really good music.”
– Larry Stephens, Lonesome Road Review
Jeff Scroggins and Colorado have a wonderful emotional intensity that immediately grabs the listener. Though well rooted in tradition, they can also stretch the boundaries without taking them to the breaking point. I’ve known Jeff for many years, and it’s great to hear how fabulous his playing has become. Taste and technical brilliance abound. The bands vocals are also smooth and inviting and the arrangements are inventive. Give these guys a listen and you’ll be amply rewarded with their rich musical tapestry..”  
“Jeff Scroggins is an accomplished player that can skillfully deliver banjo styles ranging from Scruggs and Reno to the most contemporary.  This new recording showcases that very well with the wide range of material selected.  Every musician on here contributes solidly to the overall sound.  Especially impressive is Jeff’s teenage son, Tristan, on mandolin.  I truly appreciate Jeff’s approach to the banjo and think music fans will enjoy this project very much – I sure have!”
“Ace banjo player Jeff Scroggins is well known in bluegrass music circles, having dominated many banjo contests over the years and played with major artists like Peter Rowan, Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, The Dixie Chicks and more, but the discoveries in the band were his young son, Tristan Scroggins, an amazing mandolin player, and W. Virginia singer Greg Blake, whose soaring tenor cut through the dirty brick walls of The Pour House in Raleigh. Greg Blake has a new solo album coming out which I got a sneak peek of and it’s just beautiful. Powerful Appalachian vocals and masterful bluegrass combine in his music and I can’t wait for it to be out officially. Meanwhile, Jeff Scroggins’ sonTristan Scroggins was another revelation at IBMA.  The kid can pick; man, can he pick! Not just lightning fast, which he does love to do, but also super precise. He’s also a great tune composer; check out his tune “Lonesome George” on Jeff Scroggins & Colorado’s new album, Western Branches.
There’s a real family feel to this band, and it’s great to see that the elder Scroggins is mentoring his son to become another bluegrass master picker!”
– NO DEPRESSION  “Six New Discoveries at IBMA 2014”
“Jeff Scroggins and Colorado have it all going on. Great lead singing, tight harmonies, guitar that conjures Clarence and Tony and a father and son duo of Jeff and Tristan (banjo and mandolin) that drives hard like a downhill train.”
“In an age when bluegrass music is sounding more and more generic, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado are a cut above the rest with their choice of songs, great musicianship and devotion to fine arrangements.” 
– CRAIG KORTH (Read the FULL review here)

J.S.& Colorado Concert 3/29


Credit: Nico Humby